Streamlined Solutions for Secure Verification

Simplify Identity is your trusted identity verification solution for Nigerians in Diaspora! Verify your identity hassle-free, securely, and conveniently from anywhere in the world.

Using reliable, dependable
and highly secured platforms

Simplify Identity offers financial solutions to individuals, businesses and government entities. For individuals in the diaspora, we make it easy to send money back home to your family and loved ones. For businesses with international presence, we provide a simple way to accept payments from your clients and to see your critical transactional information at a glance through our dashboards to aid your business intelligence needs. We also verify identities of people at the other end of online interactions for governments and businesses towards fraud and identity theft prevention.

"I have used just simplify occasionally over a couple of years, and the system works well. When I made an error, the help desk sorted the problem over the phone instantly. I would recommend them."
- David Andrew

Fueled by our passion for people and technology

We shrink international borders to global villages by leveraging new and emerging technologies to develop financial applications that can be used by anyone, anywhere around the globe.