Our Team

A Team With Strong Roots In Technology

We are led by a team of experts with cumulative 25 plus years’ experience in the industry and deep roots in technology, financial management, and user experience. In addition to building meaningful work and collaborating on cutting-edge innovations, our people bring creativity, honesty, dedication, and respect to work every day.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards with a view to ensuring we deliver on our promise to our customers. We do not work for the sake of it as we are very passionate about ground-breaking financial technology solutions; and this reflects in our work always.

Because of our open atmosphere and inclusive community, we concentrate on concepts that help our customers drive their businesses to the next level of productivity and we promise scalability and reliability to our customers. Our applications are built to add value to our customers’ lives.

Our team is constantly looking for enhancements on our products and solutions that will provide additional value to our customers. We are driven by passionate and hard-working employees, technological geeks, and financial gurus.

Simplify Identity has one of the best teams you could ask for in terms of technology, commitment, and service!