About us

web, network, information technology

Simplify Identity provides advanced technological solutions backed by financial intelligence and a state-of-the-art user interface for remittance, identity verification, company dashboards and B2C payment solutions. 

As a FinTech company, we realise the need for up-to-date technology in the financial market that is aimed at optimising financial and business solutions, so we built an innovative  technological solution.

We create easy-to-use transformative financial products that provide convenience. From sending money to your loved ones, accepting payments from your customers, verifying the identity of a new employee or analysing the company dashboard to make data-based decisions, we provide modern technology, built based on the most detailed data, insightful knowledge, and analytical resources. 

We simplify the complexity of financial technology.  

Simplify Identity designs products for individuals, businesses across various sectors and government entities. As a FaaS (FinTech as a service) provider, we understand the value of having a dependable and secure network for financial transactions and business process management. Therefore, our solutions do not compromise on security or performance.

Fuelled by our passion for people and technology, we constantly aim to shrink global borders by leveraging new and emerging technologies to develop financial products that anyone can use anywhere around the globe.

Our Vision

Simplify Identity is driven by a single vision – To simplify the technology of finance.

In the last decade, there has been a steady development in technological solutions across various industries that has made financial technology more accessible. We want to break down the complexity of FinTech and make financial products even easier to use and more accessible.


Our Mission

At Simplify Identity, we are motivated to provide transformative FinTech solutions that have a positive and lasting impact on people’s lives. We are driven by three (3) missions – simplicity, convenience and reliability.  Our commitment is to make our products simple and convenient to carry out financial transactions for individuals and businesses in a way that is reliable and adds significant value. We are working towards economic and societal development with the aid of financial technology.

Our applications are built upon the safest technology and infrastructure that guarantees reliability, integrity, scalability, and security. We will never compromise on the quality of our technology and the security of our application. 

Integrity & Ethics

It is our goal that in the pursuit of competitive advantage, we maintain the highest professional ethical standards, integrity and honesty in all aspects of the company’s business with customers and clients, international partners, suppliers, employees, government agencies, and the society in general. This is buttressed by the fact that we adhere to international standards in the development, procurement, distribution and supply of our products and services.